Are you a Synesthete?

Are you a synesthete? Answer the following eight questions to find out.

Please note that this is intended to be fun, rather than diagnostic! In order to be more certain that you have synesthesia would involve additional tests (such as those on Also, bear in mind that there are lots of types of synesthesia. You may have a few types of synesthesia but it is unlikely that you will have them all!

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Question 1: I have always thought of letters and numbers as having their own unique colours; for instance, I always think of the letter "A" as red (or some other colour)

Question 2: I can only understand dates and times by placing them in space. All the days and months have their own particular position in space either in my mind's eye or out there in front of me.

Question 3: When I look at the video below then I automatically feel some kind of touch sensation on my own body.

Question 4: Whenever I count or think about numbers, then I think about each number as having its own unique position in space.

Question 5: Letters and numbers have got their own genders or personalities. For example, I always think of the number 5 as being male (or female) and the letter 'H' as being a bully (or some other personality type).

Question 6: What colour is the letter 'O' to you in your mind?

Question 7: I always tend to think of things very visually.

Question 8: Listening to music is as much a visual experience as it is an auditory experience to me.